Letter to the Editor

Housing impact

Pismo BeachSeptember 19, 2013 

I support Cal Poly increasing enrollment, but I believe that 25,000 is too much for the city to handle. The city is already short on affordable housing, and more students would only take away properties that could be used as homes for middle-class families.

If the university can add 1,400 more beds on Grand Avenue and acquire the old Pacheco Elementary School, then I believe increasing enrollment by 2,000 students will work.

It’s odd that in a city with increasing housing prices, new large home developments and a growing university, there is no strong support for new affordablehousing developments.

San Luis Obispo has a responsibility as a county seat to provide housing for its working class and middle-class workers and not burden other communities in the county to house SLO’s workforce. I encourage Cal Poly to grow, because it will generate more jobs and send out graduates who will positively affect America, but I only support growth that does not make the city’s lack of affordable housing worse.

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