Letter to the Editor

No rule by mob

Morro BaySeptember 18, 2013 

The overwhelming majority that elected Jamie Irons, Noah Smukler and Christine Johnson knew on Sept. 12 that they made the right choice. The three showed incredible dignity and restraint while addressing a serious personnel matter.

By contrast, a menacing crowd of protesters, easily recognizable as supporters of Bill Yates and Carla Borchard in the 2012 primary, worked hard to turn the city meeting into a three-ring circus.

Clearly, Irons had obtained and followed sound legal advice, and addressed a serious personnel matter following standard procedure necessary to protect the city, Andrea Lueker and Robert Schultz.

Yet, a group of hooligans tried to derail the process through intimidation. Pro-Schultz/Lueker speakers mounted vicious personal attacks on Irons, Smukler and Johnson. Large numbers of residents who had come to support the council action were intimidated into silence by the menacing, hostile and aggressive actions of Schultz and Lueker supporters.

Does the majority, which is composed of the civilized members of the community, really want a gang of hooligans running the city? Obviously not. Please, Jamie, Noah and Christine, finish what you started. Rid us of the last traces of the Yates and Borchard regime that did so much harm to our city and its residents.

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