Letter to the Editor

Demand a full lake in Atascadero

AtascaderoSeptember 15, 2013 

Atascadero’s lake is emptying; fish are dying. Mayor Tom O’Malley notes that adding water is expensive, but that we could dredge, “then let Mother Nature fill it up.” Maybe, but let’s dig deeper.

Since the mayor thinks it’s not “cost-effective,” and we may not get the dredge permit in time, may I suggest solutions: The people of Atascadero should demand a full lake and work for it. Tell our mayor, council and citizen-owned water company that we want water in our lake. The people of Atascadero have already built an adjoining lakeside park, bandstand, pavilion, zoo, ballfields and veterans’ memorial. Building these required dedicated citizens finding a way to pay for them, through fundraising, service organizations and by attending council meetings to urge the city there is a real need.

Atascadero Lake is the jewel that complements our park. It enriches the whole city’s quality of life, encourages pride and ultimately even tourism — which actually is “cost effective.” Don’t fall for the canard that “it’s only a seasonal pond.” We know it’s a beautiful small lake. Let’s tell the city how much we want to keep it full and clean, and then all work for it.

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