Letter to the Editor

Development, never

Pismo BeachSeptember 15, 2013 

You’re not listening! Pismo Beach City Council, Spanish Springs people, Pismo Ranch people, you’re not listening!

The citizens of Pismo Beach and the Five Cities don’t want these projects put off for one year. They want them put off forever!

Again, for the millionth time, what part of “no development in Price Canyon” don’t you understand?

Instead of wasting more time and money, the landowners and the City Council need to get in touch with the San Luis Obispo Land Conservancy as soon as possible.

That way, everyone can hammer out all the details of a land preservation/ development rights swap identical to the groundbreaking Highland Ranch agreement made just last year.

Preserving and protecting the agricultural and rural lands in San Luis Obispo County is a permanent and ongoing full-time job for everyone who loves living in and visiting the Central Coast.

Do the right thing. Save Price Canyon. Make the call!

The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County can be reached at 805-544-9096.

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