Letter to the Editor

Water emergency

CambriaSeptember 13, 2013 

Cambrians! Show your concern regarding the Cambria Community Services District’s actions to issue intent-to-serve letters, opening up the water wait list for development, while we are in a Water Code 350 emergency.

We have had back-to-back drought years, and our water supply is diminishing. This is not the time for new development when drought is taking its toll all around us, as we witness the fires throughout our state and much of the western United States.

It is the opinion of many Cambrians that the CCSD’s actions are irresponsible and need to be addressed by the community at large. Please sign the petition opposing the CCSD’s issuance of intent-to-serve letters. Let’s show the CCSD that it isn’t just a few folks in town who are opposed to their actions, but a majority of Cambrians who are very concerned about the board’s actions, which could bring dire consequences to our water supply.

Call me at 924-1404 or email me at tenacious tina2000@gmail.com. In addition, we are setting up a sign-up table at the Cambria Farmers Market and post office for petition signing, whenever we have folks available to be there.

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