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Cambrian Letters to the Editor Sept. 12

cambrian@thetribunenews.comSeptember 12, 2013 

Performances of 'The Frog Prince' begin at 3 p.m. Sept. 7, 8, 14 and 15 at the Cambria Center for the Arts, 1350 Main St.

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Sign the petition

CAMBRIANS! Show your concern regarding the Cambria Community Services District’s actions to issue intent-to-serve letters, opening up the water wait list for development, while we are in a Water Code 350 emergency.

We have had back-to-back drought years and our water supply is diminishing. This is not the time for new development when drought is taking its toll all around us, as we witness the fires throughout our state and much of the western U.S.

It is the opinion of many Cambrians that the CCSD’s actions are irresponsible and need to be addressed by the community at large. Please sign the petition opposing the CCSD’s issuance of intent-to-serve letters. Let’s show the CCSD that it isn’t just a few folks in town who are opposed to their actions, but it is a majority of Cambrians who are very concerned about the board’s actions, which could bring dire consequences to our water supply, both for humans and our protected habitat and, of course, the potential threat of fire.

After the special meeting held by the CCSD on Monday, Sept. 9, to discuss Camria’s water shortage, it is even more important that Cambrians speak up.

Call me at 924-1404 or email me at tsdickason47 In addition, we are setting up a sign-up table at the Cambria Farmers Market and post office for petition signing, whenever we have folks available to be there.

Tina Dickason


The usual suspects

A few people in Cambria have come out hard against the Cambria Community Services District plan to grant new water meters before a supplemental water supply is identified.

Has anyone else noticed that it is the same few people who have come out hard against every plan CCSD has ever proposed to actually do something to increase the water supply?

Deryl Robinson

Huntington Beach

A must-see

For those who have small children who may never have seen a live musical stage production just for them, do not miss this coming Saturday and Sunday’s 3 p.m. matinee production of “The Frog Prince” at the Cambria Center for the Arts Theatre at 1350 Main St.

It is delightful, entertaining and guaranteed to keep the young ones, as well as the older folks, glued to their seats attentively during this short, 55-minute performance. I was thoroughly entertaind, and so were all the others and, having been involved in many shows produced in this town over the years, I can tell you that the audience was extremely appreciative of the actors’ efforts.

This is the first time a show basically for the real young crowd has been offered and it should not be missed. Just think, where can you take your child for FREE and just pay $10 for yourself and watch your children really enjoy themselves.

Thank you, Jan, for a wonderful experience.

Roberta Lemming


This frog a beaut

My husband and I had the most delightful experience on Sunday. We saw the wonderful play “The Frog Prince” at the Cambria Center for the Arts Theatre. Jan Callner, a very talented lady, wrote, composed and directed the production.

It is a play written for children, however, it was a great experience to see it as adults. The experienced adult actors were just right performing the roles in this play. In fact they were great. It was produced by Nancy Green.

We would suggest that you should bring a child to see the production, but if you can’t do that, come by yourself and enjoy this wonderful production this coming weekend. That is exactly what we did.

Joyce and Ken Renshaw


Now, about 2014 ...

As producer/director of the Pinedorado Follies, I have received numerous emails, phone calls and many in-person rave compliments about the show. I am delighted the Follies was so well-received.

Obviously, the production could not have been done without the help of many people. I would like to thank our staff and crew, most especially Joe Zaragoza. Without Joe, we could never have figured out the magic of the LED curtain which made this production such a standout.

Also, many thanks to an outstanding cast of performers. They rehearsed five nights a week for more than six weeks to prepare the seamless show that was Follies 2013. Their talent and dedication to task helped make this show so special.

If you have interest in participating in the Follies, either on stage or behind the scenes, please email me ( so I will know to contact you next spring when we ramp up for Follies 2014.

We were all happy to make Cambria happy. If you missed this year’s Follies, ask someone who was there. They will tell you, don’t miss next time. We hope to see you for Follies 2014.

Peggy Christianson


Won me over

Having never been a big fan of community productions, I had to drag myself to this year’s Pinedorado Follies. I’d heard about the LED stage set (it was terrific), but it was the music, transformed lyrics and wonderful performances that made this show a truly memorable event.

Great big kudos to writer/producer/director Peggy Christianson and all the others for doing such a super job. It was the sort of thing that makes me proud to be a part of Cambria.

Steve Kellogg


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