Letter to the Editor

Widen Tank Farm

San Luis ObispoSeptember 11, 2013 

The Tribune opinion piece of Sept. 8 was on target regarding the need for improvements to Tank Farm Road soon, not over the next 25 years.

Having lived in San Luis Obispo for nearly 40 years, we have traveled this road each way, both by car and bicycle, many times a week. It’s the only logical east-west route. We have seen traffic dramatically increase over four decades for all modes. This has exacerbated safety issues.

It is imperative that Chevron and the city and county initiate the road widening and bike lanes along the entire length of Tank Farm Road as quickly as possible. The annexation process should be commenced soon because the county, knowing the road will be transferred to the city, won’t take charge even though most of the unimproved road is now under county jurisdiction. This may also involve CalTrans when it redesignates Highway 227 from South Street to Tank Farm Road. Given all the agencies and jurisdictions involved, we suggest getting started now.

The Chevron project should not receive any approvals without the highest priority being the widening and improvements to Tank Farm Road before any other development and site restoration takes place.

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