Letter to the Editor

Solar ‘fair share’

Executive committee, Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra ClubSeptember 10, 2013 

There’s more than just one little problem with AB 327 (“Solar power users should pay fair share,” Sept. 3).

The big problem with the bill: It would give utilities the ability to penalize solar power users at a rate of up to $120 a year, no matter how much they reduce their electricity use. In 2011, more than twothirds of all solar installations in the state were in low- and middle-income neighborhoods. Guess what will happen to that figure if a financial penalty is attached to solar?

Solar customers are already contributing their “fair share” by lowering future costs for all. According to a recent Vote Solar study, more rooftop solar installed means all ratepayers avoid the increased costs of new centralized generation and long-distance transmission — a potential net savings of $92 million. If we want to drive people away from smarter, cleaner local energy and efficiency, and throw a roadblock in front of California’s transition to renewable energy, AB 327 is just the ticket. If you want the opposite of that, sign the petition at http://www.saverooftopsolar.com.

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