Letter to the Editor

Hateful vandalism

Arroyo GrandeSeptember 9, 2013 

On Aug. 29, a young woman I know went to Montaña De Oro to enjoy the sunset. When she and her friends returned, her car had been vandalized. Hateful words had been keyed, then spray-painted on the doors, hood and roof of her car. A report was made to the ranger on duty, and that was it.

This lovely young woman, who is going to Hancock studying psychology, works full time at a grocery store, just bought this car and is making payments. All on her own. Now she must pay to have these awful words taken off her car. And make no mistake, this is a hate crime.

So, be careful, fellow citizens, when visiting Montaña De Oro. Someone is lurking out there with keys, spray paint and a twisted mind.

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