Letter to the Editor

Empire building

Arroyo GrandeSeptember 9, 2013 

The United States has become an economic brigand, having gained its force and power by reaping the natural resources that our early European ancestors found so plentifully here upon their arrival in the 1600s.

No endeavor was made from the very beginning to consider the havoc that they were creating and that there would be a time of restitution.

At no time was there an attempt to refrain from the welter of cutting, digging, scraping and exploiting what had been for a millennium a land of natural balance with those that had also lived here.

The message became “from sea to shinning sea” — the writ of eminent domain guided their modus operandi: Manifest Destiny.

We are now experiencing the fires and weather and floods that our thoughtless activities have created.

There have been attempts, as there are today, to change the status quo, but the desire for wealth has been and still is a deciding factor.

The sad story today is that since World War II we have been concerned with empire building, creating control and markets for our products worldwide, regardless of consequences.

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