Letter to the Editor

Las Pilitas a benefit

Arroyo GrandeSeptember 9, 2013 

I am a strong supporter of the Las Pilitas Resources project. I read with interest the opposing viewpoint in the Aug. 15 New Times article (“Las Pilitas Quarry: A rock and a hard place"). It has long been difficult to determine where to put an airport, shopping center, a school and other facilities, including a place to harvest much-needed aggregate.

As a matter of fact, we can’t build a sidewalk, house, school, shopping center, highway or any other part of our infrastructure without the use of aggregate. Our life depends on good sources of this element for our existence.

I am not in construction, I love the land, and I am tough on polluters. In this case, I know the people and how they operate. Mike Cole is a family man, he takes pride in his equipment and follows the state and federal laws to be sure his equipment is safe for his drivers and for traveling on our highways and byways. I would call him fastidious about his operations.

You and your readers will be very impressed when Las Pilitas is up and running. It will be a benefit to our area in many ways.

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