Letter to the Editor

Don’t insult immigrants

AtascaderoSeptember 8, 2013 

As I read Carol Hughes’ Sept. 6 letter, my jaw literally dropped.

I moved to San Luis Obispo County 20 years ago from Santa Barbara, and in both communities I was part of the workforce that is often propelled by workers from Mexico, some here illegally. What that showed me is no matter what their immigration status, unless they were of a criminal element, they were here working. I say again, working. Usually six to seven days a week, often to send money home to remaining family in Mexico. And they were doing the kind of work white people feel is beneath them, such as hotel/motel housekeeping, field and greenhouse work, landscape, gardening and restaurant grunt work. I was one of the few white people working with them.

Your assumption that Armando’s family was on food stamps is incredibly insulting and shows your obvious lack of experience dealing with such public entities. Such benefits are usually only given to those citizens born here, and only after much scrutiny.

The only people I’ve ever met feeding from the government trough are those who were born here.

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