Letter to the Editor

Transgender facts

NipomoSeptember 7, 2013 

I was disappointed to read Frank Miccoli’s Sept. 6 letter. He thinks the transgender school bill is about boys wanting to shower with the girls.

I have worked with and counseled transgender people. Before I was allowed to counsel a transgender person, I had to meet a male-to-female and a female-to-male person, and go through their reassignment surgeries, through photographs, with them. This is not done for fun. These are very serious surgeries for people who know they are in the wrong body.

As much as a girl would be horrified at being required to shower with boys, that is how a transgender person (girl “trapped in a boy’s body”) would feel. This is a very difficult situation for a transgender person. If you do not understand that, you need to educate yourself as did I.

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