Letter to the Editor

Incompatible goals

CrestonSeptember 6, 2013 

Frank Mecham

I’m confused. Was the goal of Aug. 27’s vote to find a “compromise” that pleased Supervisor Frank Mecham? Or was the goal to protect the North County’s groundwater? Because achieving the first goal pretty much destroyed the second.

You know we got a problem, Houston, when I agree with Wine Country darling Jamie Kirk, who rightly pointed out that the 1:1 “offset” requirement wouldn’t work without a rigorous county program to oversee and implement it.

With no definition, standards or monitoring capability, anyone can claim that anything is an offset. And they will. Just as they will claim that they are “vested” (whatever that means) if they have ripped the ground, ordered vines, built a winery, recorded a tract map, etc.

Tuesday’s emergency ordinance is a big, thick slice of Swiss cheese. Which should pair nicely with a bottle of Riesling until the water runs out.

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