Letter to the Editor

Stand up to interests

Paso RoblesSeptember 6, 2013 

I see the Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for Groundwater Solutions is at it again. In the Aug. 29 issue of The Tribune, its representative said the new urgency measure is not terribly unfair and that a timeout is needed because of problems in the basin.

After two different meetings of the board, I can’t recall any member of PRAAGS speaking in favor of the urgency measures. In fact, all those that I heard speak were opposed to it.

Fast-forward to the Tribune article on Aug. 31: PRAAGS’s true colors began to show through as its representative was touting a California Water District. This solution would concentrate the power of how the water in the basin is regulated into the hands of the few (Big Agriculture). PRAAGS and its various big-monied interests are going to circulate a petition in an attempt to get a California Water District.

I urge all those concerned, who are in favor of an equitable solution to this problem, not to sign the petition and to convince their family and friends to do likewise. It is time we stood up and sent the special interests packing.

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