Letter to the Editor

Probably on welfare

Arroyo GrandeSeptember 5, 2013 

The poignant column in Sept. 4’s paper titled “Father’s deportation left teen to find his own way” mentioned that in Mexico, after the deportation, the mother had to work nights caring for an older woman. There is no mention of the father seeking work. The only mention of the father is his sleeping arrangements.

Their home’s description is heart wrenching. They were forced to leave their Charlotte, N.C., duplex with six of their American-born children. Armando, the oldest son, remained to fend for himself. He was 16 when his family left; now, at 19, he says his family in Mexico wants him to finish his schooling and also send them money and help them get back to the United States. All this is written in the most sympathetic point of view possible.

There is no mention of whether the parents are English-speaking. Were they employed? How did they pay for a duplex? How did they feed their seven American children? I think that we were supporting them with welfare, health care and food stamps, and it’s no wonder they want to come back.

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