Letter to the Editor

Obama blinked

San Luis ObispoSeptember 4, 2013 

Imagine the following running in a London newspaper, June 4, 1944: “General Eisenhower announced today the invasion of Europe will begin tomorrow at dawn. In the event of poor weather, the operation, code-named ‘Overlord,’ will commence when the weather clears. The landings will take place on five beaches in Normandy, Eisenhower announced, not Pas de Calais as anticipated by the Germans.”

The fabricated news report above is obviously a silly distortion of actual events. Can you imagine a military commander — or a president — actually telegraphing the nature, duration and targets of a threatened military strike? Or not following through on such threat? If American military officers were to approach command responsibilities in this fashion, they would be relieved for dereliction of duty.

I am sorry to say you no longer need to imagine something so idiotic or dangerous. Syria crossed President Barack Obama’s line in the sand; he blustered, then blinked.

When Congress returns from its recess to vote on the use of force in Syria (giving them time to move potential targets), it should add to its agenda the impeachment of this empty suit of a commander in chief before the Obama-inspired “Arab Spring” turns into WWIII.

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