Letter to the Editor

Protest exemption

Arroyo GrandeSeptember 4, 2013 

The Viewpoint Aug. 31 by the general contractor was good. Construction has been one of the worst-hit jobs in this recession. I am very happy that “Obamacare” helped his family. I know of a person who had a heart attack and whose insurance was canceled but is now able to obtain insurance.

My general problem with it is the exemption that our legislators gave themselves and their staff. They have the “Cadillac Plans,” and not only do they not want themselves to pay a penalty for this plan, but they also do not want to have to pay a portion of the premium (supposedly this is a “cut in salary” — tell that to the Cal Poly professors who had to take a leave day the other year with a deduction in salary). To rub salt into the wounds of the taxpayers, we are required to supplement their premiums.

I would suggest you contact your senators and congresspersons and protest this exemption. If they make a law, it should apply to all, not just us.

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