Letter to the Editor

Not hope, change

San Luis ObispoSeptember 4, 2013 

President Barack Obama praised the inevitable success of the American people’s struggle for justice through nonviolent political action and the Civil Rights movement, now safely 50 years past, as the alpha and omega of such action.

Under the aegis of his National Security Agency, more powerful than the KGB of the Soviet Union, how could such a movement survive today? Ask Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

Two or three years ago, we had such a movement, whose goals were those of the vast majority of the American people: Occupy. It was nonviolent, its tactics were simply to call attention to Wall Street’s theft of our wealth. It was crushed by police violence holding nonviolent protesters’ eyelids open for a spray of Mace. It happened under Obama’s presidency with his tacit approval.

I did vote for hope and change in 2008. Obama is not it. He is deceit and power-structure status quo. I am tired of the Obamas of this world using the soaring rhetoric of our yearning for justice, then stepping away from the podium and cameras into back rooms to share a cigar with their Wall Street patrons.

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