Letter to the Editor

Rentals not the problem

San Luis ObispoAugust 31, 2013 

San Luis Obispo has set itself up as a destination town and has basked in the reputation of “Happiest Town in America.” Magazines have listed it as a vacation town, the best city to retire in and having the best climate. Visitors flock to wineries, beaches, golf courses and Farmers Market; in short, it’s a wonderful place.

But where is the infrastructure to accommodate those coming here to visit or potentially buy? There are scant good hotels between Le Cheval and Dolphin Bay, and the best are small and expensive. If a person wants to visit and spend real quality time here, to get a feel for the community, what better way than to rent in a neighborhood?

The article of Aug. 24 states, “Generally, it puts more people on-site than a traditional family home is zoned for.” Huh? Isn’t that exactly what has spoiled so many neighborhoods — when students have taken over and done exactly that?

SLO has bigger and more pressing things to concentrate on than the few people who are renting out a room or a house. As long as there is no undue noise, it should be a nonissue.

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