Letter to the Editor

Action needed now

Los OsosAugust 30, 2013 

On Aug. 24, John Lindsey reported in The Tribune that San Luis Obispo County has just been designated as being in extreme drought.

The Los Angeles Times reported that 87 percent of the West is in drought. California alone has experienced more than a thousand forest fires so far this year.

The California Environmental Protection Agency recently attributed this extreme weather to climate change. Locally, we are already seeing the drought affect our water supplies. Scientists believe the drought will extend through the end of this century with catastrophic results.

Nuclear power is not a clean energy source because it produces highly radioactive waste stored in open containers on-site. Our best hope, besides implementing sustainable energy resources, is the introduction of a carbon fee to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Barbara Boxer has introduced legislation to charge a fee for carbon pollution with the proceeds returned to citizens in the form of a dividend check. This is already being successfully done in British Columbia, which has seen a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

If we want to save our planet and ourselves, action is needed now.

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