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cambrian@thetribunenews.comAugust 29, 2013 

Batty water policies

I have been a resident of San Simeon for 15 years and at times have considered moving to Cambria. Well, not now.

In San Simeon we have sensible, common-sense water policies, no alternative source of water, no lifting of the moratorium.

On the other hand, the water policies of the CCSD are quite mystifying, to say the least.


Bob McLaughlin

San Simeon

Praying for rain?

I am truly puzzled about the CCSD deciding to issue letters of intent.

In a recent Cambrian article, the CCSD said “ramped-up water conservation would compensate for water used in those new structures.”

In the same article, Director Amanda Rice said “the district has stopped pumping from Santa Rosa Creek … because the water-monitoring well is so low” and that “it’s a really, really dry year in the upper reaches” of the watershed.

The CCSD seems to be hoping for a wet winter to solve the current problem. The water problem is compounded by the recently approved nursing facility on Lodge Hill and grandfathered water meters (mobile home park) that aren’t currently being used.

Perhaps the real reason that the CCSD is taking this action is to lower attorney costs from years of endless litigation by property owners who haven’t been able to build, and the loss of revenue from new construction.

Whatever the reason, hopefully sanity will prevail at the county and the California Coastal Commission.

Charlotte Rogers


Leave coast alone

Comments indicate that the inland folks are now looking to come to the coast in search of desalination, now that they’ve ruined their most precious resource ... water.

Don’t let our coastlines become a tangle of pipelines sucking up larvae and fish, ocean outfalls spewing out chemical-laden discharges, and pump houses running 24/7 to create water to benefit the 1 percent.

Are we going to keep watering grapes and lawns in 120 degree heat? Swimming pools?
The problem was the development and those organizations who keep pushing it, not the Salinas aquifer.

Economic vitality is sucking the very life out of us.

Mary Webb


Cambria pickleball

My wife and I visited your lovely town, and were delighted to learn about and join a very active pickleball group playing at your high school.

This rapidly growing sport is a major asset in attracting tourists. Before leaving our Florida home, we checked for places to play and the fact that a group was active here was a major factor in our destination decision.

Part of our decision of where to spend the summer is, “is there pickleball offered in the community?”

Our search of Cambria provided that pickleball was there.

We felt so welcomed by the Cambria Pickleball Club that we are already planning to return next summer and we are recommending our friends do so also.

Thank you for Cambria’s hospitality. We shall return.

James Sheets

Fort Myers, Fla.

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