Letter to the Editor

American ideal

AtascaderoAugust 28, 2013 

Outrage at Miley Cyrus’ exhibition at the MTV Video Music Awards has brought full attention to the degradation of American morality. Those most vocal in bashing Miley are conservative pundits, but the left is offended as well. Modern conservatism equates to Christian values; no doubt the Cyrus display rattled a few Apostle bones.

Those who bash her spectacle also know, in America, two things are paramount: freedom of speech and capitalism.

If you give up one or the other, it won’t be America. No doubt, freedom of speech should be protected at all cost, but what about capitalism?

An economic system based on personal acquisition of wealth will lead to behavior such as Miley’s. Those who have said her performance was the pinnacle of debauchery are wrong; as long as sex sells tickets, some performers will get more risqué: It’s the American Way.

Changing the American ideal from “being the most wealthy” to “being the most giving” (not “giving” because you can write it off on your taxes) would change our need to exploit everyone and everything for money.

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