Letter to the Editor

Lied to again?

San Luis ObispoAugust 28, 2013 

I will not vote for Measure Y again after reading The Tribune’s article on July 19.

Why? Because, after years of begging for them, residents were told that if they voted for Measure Y, we would get neighborhood police patrols. We never did get those patrols. We were simply lied to.

Also, it has been told that there isn’t any money or manpower for neighborhood maintenance. This is self-evident, with once-red curbs turned to white, no pothole repairs, storm drains clogged with debris, sidewalks crumbling, streets in disrepair, street trees needing to be trimmed, etc., etc.

When neighborhoods become run down, crime, vandalism and graffiti move in.

The San Luis Obispo City Council made “Neighborhood Wellness” a top priority. The SLO neighborhoods are sick and sleazy looking and in need of help.

Have the residents been lied to again? It certainly looks that way: $800,000 was allocated to beautify only two blocks of downtown SLO. Where is the $800,000 to “beautify” our residential neighborhoods or just to properly maintain them?

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