Letter to the Editor

Security Council

CayucosAugust 28, 2013 

I hope the United States does not intervene in the ethnic conflict in Syria unless there is a resolution and pledge of help from the Security Council of the United Nations.

If the United States tries to assemble a coalition to intervene militarily in Syria without the Security Council, the results, in my opinion, will be disastrous. I know Syria is in the hands of a brutal dictator and that they may be using fearsome weapons against innocent people; still, if we enter the fray with bombs and missiles, etc., there will just be more killing.

Does anyone think that Iran, Iraq, Russia and China will stand idly by while we attack Syria? I hope we pull back from the brink. As bad as things seem, the fault lies not with the United States, but with the U.N. Security Council. Peace in Syria and in the Middle East can only be achieved with the great powers agreeing on a resolution to achieve peace and a plan of action that includes the taxpayers/military of all the great powers.

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