Letter to the Editor

Vote and move on

Arroyo GrandeAugust 28, 2013 

I have read for months and months about the proposed Spanish Springs development. It seems that regardless of the compromises and countless studies completed by this developer, anything short of leaving his land undeveloped is the only happy ending in sight for those that want to save Price Canyon.

The once-beautiful vacant hillsides from Arroyo Grande all the way to Avila Beach are cluttered with house on top of house. Still, the building continues, and will do so until every inch of our hillsides are covered with homes by those longing for the view of choice.

To my way of thinking, this is the real tragedy. Our wildlife has been displaced and the land that offered natural beauty to our area is dotted with stucco, roads and human encroachment. Still this building continues.

It’s far too late to even contemplate what once was and still could be. Just put it to the ballot, and accept whatever the outcome. Then let’s move on. Something else will come along to protest about.

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