SLO after dark: Boozerville?

San Luis ObispoAugust 27, 2013 

For the past 10 years, I’ve spent a good part of my summer in British Columbia, Canada, and have made some friends there. One of these friends recently wrote to me about his impressions after spending a couple of days in San Luis Obispo while en route to San Diego. He said he had to see the town I’d bragged so much about.

My friend was dually impressed by the look and feel of our town. He particularly liked how we have preserved some older buildings to retain the historic character of the place.

But then he had another reaction. After dinner and a late movie, he and his wife decided to walk down what sounded like Higuera Street. The number of bars and other places serving alcohol astounded these Canadians. They also encountered several obviously inebriated people and saw some places where drunks had puked on the sidewalk or gutters.

He remarked: “There must be lots of money in it for the city to allow all these drinking places. Your city must think the money is enough to have your town be such a ‘Boozerville.’ ”

An unbiased reaction to San Luis Obispo after dark; what a shame.

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