Letter to the Editor

Editorial favor

San Luis ObispoAugust 27, 2013 

Regarding the Sacramento Bee editorial published Tuesday:

Again I am stunned — over and over this editorial page heaps praise and tribute on elected officials who ignore both the Constitution and the laws of the land when it is a position you favor, generally any position taken by a Democratic officeholder.

Our president has exceeded his authority or bent the Constitution, laws and regulations over and over in ways you have found favorable or at least chosen to overlook. Ironically, these are not too different from actions which would have blown an editorial page gasket just five years ago.

Yet when a sheriff has the nerve to read and follow the Constitution, you pillory them for upholding an oath they took “to support and defend the Constitution.”

The oath of all public officials places the Constitution first, regardless of political stripe. Like it or not, there are 27 amendments, not 26, that the sheriff swore to support and defend. Please remember the First Amendment is just as important as the Second, as is each in turn.

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