Letter to the Editor

Home-stay hosts

San Luis ObispoAugust 27, 2013 

The mean and median age of San Luis Obispo AirBnB hosts is more than 55.

We hosts are creating home-stay opportunities for one or two people at a time, in empty bedrooms. The average number of visits per month is six. This is less impact, compared to adding full-time people, or renting an entire house to five students.

A mutual agreement for host and guest results in booking. There are never strangers roaming the neighborhood. We are trying to create a legal means of business within San Luis Obispo. The city is using an archaic ordinance from a time when vacation homes were a problem.

Our guests are looking for home stays, which are popular throughout the world. They will simply move on to Arroyo Grande or Paso Robles, and spend their money there instead. We direct our guests to wineries, restaurants and entertainment in SLO.

Guests and hosts are evaluated by each other every visit; therefore, host properties are well-maintained, and guests are quiet. I invite anyone to visit the site and look at host evaluations and profiles. Let’s work together to make the happiest town a resource-friendly town.

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