Education, not health

Los OsosAugust 27, 2013 

On education and the state of the union: We have allowed a very amateurish administration to drag us willy-nilly, kicking and clawing into the abyss of Obamacare that will gobble up one-sixth of our economy.

I would submit that the trillions lost on the Affordable Care Act would have been much better spent on the education of the youths of this country.

With the money lost on Obamacare, we could have provided vouchers for private education to every family in this country that wanted in the program.

There is only one way out of our terrible national debt that threatens to devalue the dollar: I believe we can educate ourselves out of debt. The educated get jobs and provide jobs, thereby increasing our gross domestic product. This correlates directly to our national debt.

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