Letter to the Editor

Boorish drivers

Paso RoblesAugust 27, 2013 

My wife and I moved to Paso Robles more than a decade ago, from a small interior town in California. On arrival, I was pleasantly impressed with the courtesy and consideration of Paso Robles drivers.

Sadly, over the years, courteous and considerate driving in Paso Robles has declined. This seems to have occurred inversely to Paso’s growing population.

The decline was driven home to me recently with this latest example I observed in Paso Robles: A van driver, a woman, harassed an elderly driver for a block with a constant, blaring horn because this elderly lady apparently wasn’t going fast enough (she was in fact going around 25 mph in the slow lane on Niblick street and wasn’t obstructing traffic).

Would all drivers new to the Paso area please leave your boorish driving habits back where you came from? Right now, more courteous, considerate driving in Paso Robles, or at least less obnoxious driving, would be a welcome improvement.

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