Letter to the Editor

Save us and our wells

Paso RoblesAugust 26, 2013 

Please take 30 seconds: Imagine your family without water — dry wells are throughout your neighborhood. Picture rarely flushing toilets, wet-wipe baths, camping 24/7, trucking in nondrinking water, showering at friends’ houses. Laundromats. Potentially $30,000 for re-drilling, while the vineyards frenziedly plant.

Basinwide decreases also affect city residents. See The Tribune’s map showing overwhelming evidence. Rural residents are the mine canaries, screaming.

Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for Groundwater Solutions cites vastly low numbers; Steve Lohr’s letter to the supervisors discusses 15 “wells incapable of pumping because the water table has fallen below their well screen.” Sounds like lawyers talking. This is their “experts’ “thorough” research? Hundreds of homes are affected. There are 15 alone in our neighborhood!

I hung neighborhood signs requesting feedback. Nine dry well calls in 36 hours!

I hope Paso Robles doesn’t become divided like the Hatfields and McCoys, us versus vineyards.

Visit PROWaterEquity.org, sign the petition begging supervisors to act (1,000 signatures and rising). Investigate numerous “well stories.” Tell yours: saveourwells@att.net.

Urgency ordinances can keep more wells and the basin from declining further. Without action, consequences will be dire.

We’re vital to the economy; hopefully, enough that the supervisors choose to save us, our wells and our basin.

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