Letter to the Editor

A full-blown crisis

AtascaderoAugust 22, 2013 

Hats off to Mary Cook’s recommendation for constructing desalination plants to supplement the county water supply (Aug. 18).

My July 12 letter to Supervisor Debbie Arnold suggested the same idea. Certainly, the basin is being drained at a rate much higher than nature’s capability to replenish it. This is a fact we’ve known for decades, and in the future, rainfall will not keep up with the increasing demand.

We’ve now reached the point where this is not an issue; it is a full-blown crisis.

The anticipated regulations by the Board of Supervisors will not ensure complete healing. Until the larger issue is decided, and done quickly, we’ll remain at the status quo.

Desalination is employed worldwide. While stationed in Kuwait with the U.S. Army, we used water provided by two desalination plants. Kuwait now has six facilities providing water for more than 3 million people. Others operate in the United States.

Echoing the call for quick action by the county League of Women Voters, responsible action by state and local leaders now is to recognize this is not a time for “more study” and other political and economic posturing. Lengthening the decision process will result only in the continued loss of our life’s blood.

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