Bus schedule

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Students must arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to scheduled time.


North Coast/Cambria, Red Route, Bus No. 2

7:20 Avonne Tennis Courts/San Simeon

7:26 Sea Breeze Motel

7:34 6610 Buckley Drive

7:38 Charing and Warwick

7:45 Nottingham and Lancaster

7:53 Santa Lucia Middle School

7:58 Cambria Grammar School

8:07 Leffingwell High School

8:10 Coast Union High School

8:13 Transitional-kindergarten Building at Support Services

Lodge Hill, Blue Route, Bus No. 6

7:00 Cambria General Store

7:03 District office, Patterson and Wood Drive

7:04 2623 Main St. (across from pink store)

7:12 Patterson and Wood

7:15 Andover Place and Newton Drive

7:18 2760 Newton Drive at last speed bump

7:21 2574 Camborne Place

7:24 Pineridge and Pierce

7:27 Mills and Malvern

7:31 Ardath and Alban

7:36 Marlborough and Drake

7:37 Marlborough and Kerwin

7:41 Bixby and Astor

7:45 Berwick and Dreydon

7:48 Ross and Wilcombe

7:52 Lyle and Stuart

7:57 Cambria Grammar School

8:04 Santa Lucia Middle School

8:12 Leffingwell High School

8:14 Coast Union High School

8:16 Transitional-kindergarten Building at Support Services

Cayucos, Purple Route, Bus No. 7

7:35 Studio Drive at Flores

7:37 3600 Studio Drive

7:38 Haines & Ocean Blvd.

7:39 3299 Ocean Blvd. (yellow house)

7:40 Ocean and Hacienda

7:41 Ocean and Old Creek Road

7:45 Cass and 20th streets

7:47 13th and Ocean

7:48 Ocean and Park

7:49 Ocean and D streets (Cayucos Pharmacy)

7:50 Ocean & Birch (light at Grammar School)

8:20 Coast Union High School


Bus No. 2, Red Route, North Coast/Cambria

2:40 Cambria Grammar School (first bus in line)

3:05 Santa Lucia Middle School

3:25 Coast Union High School

3:38 Nottingham and Lancaster

3:45 Charing and Warwick

3:47 6610 Buckley Drive

3:55 Avonne Tennis Courts/San Simeon

4:00 Sea Breeze Motel

3:25 Coast Union High School

Bus No. 7, Purple Route, Cayucos

2:40 Cambria Grammar School 3:05 Santa Lucia Middle School

3:25 Coast Union High School

3:34 2623 Main St. (black mailbox before Pink Store)

3:38 CUSD District Office, 1350 Main St., Cambria

3:42 Main St. and Sheffield

4:02 Cayucos Grammar School

4:04 Ocean at D (Rabobank)

4:06 Ocean Boulevard at 2nd

4:08 13th and Ocean

4:10 Cass St. and 20th

4:13 Ocean and Old Creek

4:14 Ocean and Hacienda

4:15 3309 Ocean (View Apts.)

4:16 Ocean and Haines

4:17 Studio at Cody Ave.

4:19 Studio at Flores

Bus No. 6, Blue Route, Lodge Hill

2:40 Cambria Grammar School

3:05 Santa Lucia Middle School

3:25 Coast Union High School

3:40 Schoolhouse Lane apartments

3:44 Patterson and Wood

3:48 Andover and Newton

3:51 2760 Newton Drive

3:55 2574 Camborne Place

3:57 Pineridge and Pierce

3:59 Malvern and Mills

4:04 Ardath and Alban

4:07 Marlborough and Drake

4:08 Marlborough and Kerwin

4:11 Bixby and Astor

4:13 Berwick and Dreydon

4:17 Ross and Wilcombe

4:20 Lyle and Stuart


All school sites will be released ONE HOUR EARLIER. Adjust times accordingly.

Questions? Call the district transportation department at 927-1609.

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