Letter to the Editor

Why not take dog?

Pismo BeachAugust 21, 2013 

I’d like to comment on Linda Lewis Griffith’s article titled “Get in step with walking kick” published Aug. 20.

In her suggestions on how to get started walking, she lists “Leave the dog at home.” I would like to suggest the opposite — take the dog. The dog would not only make an excellent walking companion, but would be an inspiration to walk.

If stopping to sniff or leash pulling is a deterrent, there are excellent trainers in our area, and just a little training goes a long way. The dog would start expecting the daily walk, and would remind his owner to be taken out. The duo would build up their fitness levels together, while creating that special bond that most pet owners want to have.

There would be fewer dog issues because pentup energy would be spent on the walk. And, there might be fewer dogs at animal shelters because more owners are interacting with their dogs.

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