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Cambria’s water

CambriaAugust 21, 2013 

Cambrians concerned about water should attend the Cambria Community Services District meeting at 12:30 p.m. Thursday. Here’s why:

In 2001, the CCSD stopped new water connections. Thursday, our board plans to again issue new permits.

Five questions should be answered:

1. The former board planned to issue no “intent to serve” letters until a new water source was available. Why was this plan dropped?

2. The former board carried out a broad conservation program. Are real water savings still available by conservation?

3. The former board was not concerned with climate change. Climate is now increasingly variable and difficult to predict. Has this board allowed a safety factor because of this?

4. Local farmers have reduced water use to help our community supply. Farmers have senior rights. Will farmers continue water saving? One irrigates 40 percent of his land and may go back to full irrigation.

5. The former board considered reductions in water supply in dry years. Dave Andres, CCSD manager, found water available in a dry year would be 500 acre-feet, 20 percent below our normal use of 630 acre-feet. The planned second round of conservation cannot possibly lower the consumption of our residents and businesses down to 500 acre-feet. What does this board think?

More growth by new connections will mean existing residents and businesses will bear the burden of water shortages that are extreme and more frequent ; attend the CCSD meeting Thursday.

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