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Drunken Santa Claus and other police calls from Atascadero and SLO

ldoust@thetribunenews.comAugust 21, 2013 

Each day, dispatchers from the seven police departments in San Luis Obispo County take dozens of calls from residents seeking help for issues ranging from minor disputes to serious crimes. The Tribune provides coverage of serious crimes every day on its news pages. Here is alook at some of the other, more unusual calls as found in recent police logs from Atascadero and San Luis Obispo.

Problem pruner 10:48 a.m. Aug. 11, 8310 El Camino Real in Atascadero

A woman with a tan Honda was taking up several spots in the Goodwill parking lot and was also cutting tree limbs. Officers talked with the woman, who agreed to leave the area.

Don’t stop 11:46 a.m. Aug. 12, 7300 El Camino Real in Atascadero

A man wearing no shirt ran across Highway 101 to Coco’s.

Stranger danger 4:13 p.m. Aug. 12, call to Atascadero Police Department

A woman wanted to talk to an officer about strangers in her neighborhood.

Faux paws 9:16 p.m. Aug. 12, 8400 Santa Rosa Road in Atascadero

Some people had tied a stuffed dog to a string and were pulling it across the road, nearly causing a traffic collision.

Trash collectors 10:29 a.m. Aug. 13, 7000 block of San Gabriel Road in Atascadero

A resident reported the theft of items from his trash cans.

Can’t we all just get a latté? 10:08 a.m. Aug. 16, 2276 Broad St. in San Luis Obispo

Rabobank employees reported an ongoing problem with a man entering the business and helping himself to coffee.

Gnarly 5:12 p.m. Aug. 16, 1000 Higuera St. in San Luis Obispo

A skateboarder going down the middle of the road crashed into a bike.

Put him on the naughty list 11:55 a.m. Aug. 16, 560 Higuera St. in San Luis Obispo

Someone reported a man, who had been drinking, was urinating in public. He reportedly looked like a drunken Santa Claus.

Bad news 5:24 a.m. Aug. 19, 3300 block of Bullock Lane in San Luis Obispo

A woman said her neighbor had been stealing her newspaper every day.

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