Letter to the Editor

Pismo water rates

Pismo BeachAugust 20, 2013 

Pismo Beach is proposing a utility rate increase every year for the next four years.

The water rate increase is under the guise of water conservation, which I support, but there should be other elements to this “conservation” effort.

A capital improvement project that will be paid for with these increases is a $4.6 million new well and infrastructure for “reserves” during drought years (the city states that Pismo has plenty of water) from an aquifer that experts agree shows vulnerability to salt water intrusion with increased pumping during drought years.

The largest component of the city’s revenue comes from departmental revenues totaling $7.54 million (transient occupancy tax was $7.49 million).

The majority of these monies come from water and wastewater service charges incurred by residents and businesses.

Because the city “taxes” residents by raising the price of “necessity” services, the residents of Pismo Beach play a bigger part in annual revenues collected by the city.

Protest letters must be received by the city clerk on or before tonight’s City Council meeting.

Letters should include your name, the service address, a statement in opposition to the increases and your signature.

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