Letter to the Editor

Stop the bleeding

San MiguelAugust 18, 2013 

Our water basin could be looked at like a person with a hemorrhage, it is being bled dry!

The first thing to do is stop the bleeding; put a temporary tourniquet on, and then you have time to triage the damage.

Go back and find the bleeders, and cauterize as needed.

After the patient is stable, then long-term solutions are then put in place: like repairing damaged tissue, building the blood level back up in the patient, and figure out how to keep the hemorrhage from happening again.

Supervisor (Debbie) Arnold only wants to repair the damaged tissue (homes without water), without addressing the root cause.

Although that action may be necessary, and helpful for a small time, it is totally useless if the basin is still bleeding!

Ms. Arnold needs to be made aware of how desperate this situation is and quit stalling!

Filling up a few water tanks is a very nice thought, but how long is she willing to continue that?

Do you RECALL what I said, Ms. Arnold? Our basin is being bled dry!!!!

Give some real help to your constituents and put a tourniquet on!

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