Addressing fracking

San Luis ObispoAugust 16, 2013 

After reading many articles about fracking for the past six months or so, and reading about the water problem we have and will continue to have in our county, I felt I had to address this issue.

I will quote from the SLO Life magazine August/September 2013 issue: “A mixture of water, sand and chemicals called the fracking fluid are blasted into the rock at approximately 4,200 gallons per second, creating tiny fissures in the shale.”

Pray tell, where is this water going to come from? We already have a fight going on in Paso Robles over water. San Luis Obispo has never had an abundance of water, now, or in the past. We have friends that are selling off their cattle because we are in the second year of drought and they do not have enough water in their wells.

How can we even consider this idea?

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