Letter to the Editor

Voting rights

Shell BeachAugust 16, 2013 

When Congress passed the Voting Rights Act in 1965, it did not realize that two realities were, and are, still present: Oligarchs would fight the law tooth and nail, and many states in the Union were still fighting the Civil War.

I believe that the government has access to the identity of 100 percent of the citizenry. The government can therefore issue a “government” voter ID (with no party affiliation) to anybody who can legally vote, from age 18 to infinity.

The government can then tell the states that, for their local elections, they can play any games they want, but when electing representatives who are going to Washington (senators, representatives, and the president) they must recognize the government voter ID, and government officials will monitor the election process.

My opinion is that politicians and political parties should be elected by convincing voters that they have good ideas to advance the common good of the nation, not by suppressing the vote.

Let us have a representative democracy!

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