Letter to the Editor

Chopper sources

San Luis ObispoAugust 16, 2013 

Well, you know, I was just going to let this go by until my old buddy, Randal Cruikshanks, designated speaker of the San Luis Obispo High School Class of ’58, sent along a condescending sort of note regarding Mr. Jeff Eidelman’s questions and comments about the local helicopter traffic.

We have about three sources of helicopters in the area. The really noisy ones are from the U.S. Army, and you would need to contact your local congressperson about quelling that racket. Try the office of Lois Capps; maybe she can get the Army to fly over someone else’s homes.

The next loudest on a regular basis are probably the PG&E choppers installing the new power line towers, keeping people employed and our power grid maintained, or an occasional hospital chopper bringing some gravely injured or sick person to one of the local hospitals.

And last, but certainly not least, we do indeed have a helicopter piloting school at our airport, a highly respected institution with international credentials. They use very tiny, almost noiseless helicopters. The fact is, they have selfimposed limited flying hours for the purpose of not causing any irritation to their neighbors.

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