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An alien plant causes trouble for the cast of "Little Shop of Horrors."


It's not that simple

Some comments in regard to the Aug. 1 Viewpoint by Joan Linton (“A dribble of connections is too little, too late; solution needed”).

Although someone in the town may have stated there is no water shortage “at the moment,” having an aquifer down to its second-lowest measurement in 10 years does not mean there is a surplus either. Certainly not enough for new water meters.

The statements that “there is a practical and very real solution to any future water shortage in the desalination plan” and “It is we (lot owners?) who will be asked to pay to have the privilege of helping to build the desalination plant” are either misunderstood, misguided or just incorrect! All water users in Cambria will be charged for any desal options and does no one remember in the 1990s when Santa Barbara built a desal plant only to quickly mothball it due to “high operating costs”! If Santa Barbara with 90,000 residents can’t afford desal, how can Cambria, with one-16th as much population, possibly think it’s a practical option?

As to, “Is there anyone with any common sense at the helm in this community?” I would point out that the only common sense I have seen expressed of late is the North Coast Advisory Council’s vote of 7-2 to recommend to the county that no new permits be issued in Cambria until a “new source of water” is found. That is in addition to the conservation measures put forth, not in place of them.

My sympathies to Joan Linton, but what were the conditions when she obtained position No. 213 on the water wait list? How long was the wait expected to be then to clear the first 212 positions? The L.A. Times Real Estate Section has for over 40 years continuously expressed the opinion that the riskiest investment of all is unimproved land.

Alan Reid


It’s ‘us’ — not ‘them’

I find it very disingenuous for someone to say the business community and the residents are really opposed to each other. I have the firm opinion that this is not true at all.

Most businesses here are small ones, family owned and operated, very dependent on the tourist business. Keep in mind that what draws those tourists is the uniqueness of this lovely part of California and, if we let it become Orange County North, not unique anymore.
Many of  the business people are residents of Cambria also.

All I am saying is, we need to do all we can to keep Cambria as it is, for the benefit of all.
My only regret is that I have only been part of this community for 15 years, but I really cherish the fact that I am here now, and feel very blessed to be here.

Bob McLaughlin

San Simeon

Theater, alive and well

With this month as the measure, theater is alive and well in Cambria. “Little Shop of Horrors” at the Cambria Center for the Arts, directed by Randy Schwalbe, is masterfully presented.

At the Pewter Plough Playhouse, “The Odd Couple (Female Version),” another comedy, this one directed by Viv Goff, has had sold-out houses.

And coming up, Peg Christianson returns as director of a high energy Cambria Follies production, “Vacation: The Musical.”

With this much talent and stagecraft quality, you'd think this was a town of 60,000 instead of 6,000.

Wayne Attoe


Summer’s surest sign

Forget the fog — summer is here when Jack Gibson chews on a raw ear of his delicious corn at Cambria Farmers Market on Friday. The corn is here!

Pat & Glenn Hascall


Barbecue benefactors

The Vacation Bible School at Community Presbyterian Church was a rousing success. The Friday barbecue  was a big part of it, thanks to the generous donations  of the hot dogs by the Sow’s Ear and the Cookie Crock. They’re such nice partners!

When you’re in their places, thank them!

John Angel, on behalf of

Community Presbyterian Church

El Pinal helpers

Thanks to the support of our community who made donations in lieu of purchasing tickets for last Saturday’s enchilada/car-ne asada sale, the El Pinal Parlor No. 163 Native Daughters of the Golden West realized an additional profit for our dinner. About $2,000 in proceeds will benefit our scholarship and program funds.

We would like to thank our committee members: Denise Schaup, Jan Boughter, Barbara Gilsten, Pat Williams, Jean Chinnici, Kelly Johnson, Sigrid Casteneda and Consuelo Macedo, and all our other members who made it so successful.

Special thanks to Maria and Ramon de Alba of Creekside Cafe for preparing the delicious rice and beans, and El Reyna Market in Paso Robles for the tender and flavorful meat. The Santa Rosa Church and American Legion provided us with their facilities to cook and serve. Look for us again next year!

Tala Romero, chairman

El Pinal Parlor No. 163

Thanks for your help

I want to thank the Cambria community for its generous support towards our first football rummage sale at Coast Union High School. Their donations were greatly appreciated. There were many people who donated above the value of items or made a personal monetary donation.

I also want to personally thank the parents, players and coaches who were such a huge help moving, lifting and delivering sale items.

We will look forward to seeing you at the Friday night home games. The Broncos will be an exciting team to watch!

Go Broncos,

Charlie Casale, head football coach

Coast Union High School

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