Letter to the Editor

Unabated harm

Paso RoblesAugust 15, 2013 

I have nothing against local wineries and enjoy their wines. However, the recent proliferation of giant vineyards planted by investors with no personal stake in the area has caused great harm and is continuing unabated.

Agreed, any ordinance passed Aug. 6 would have been too late for those whose wells have gone dry. Still, Dana Merrill’s argument Aug. 11 against urgency measures on those grounds is specious. At the very least, they could have prevented the run on new well permits in the two days following the Board of Supervisors meeting.

I wonder how many of the 53 wells were for new agricultural wells. The assertion that Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for Groundwater Solutions “is not against emergency ordinances” is disingenuous given the fear-mongering by the group prior to its July 29 recruitment meeting.

For all I know, Mr. Merrill might actually care about those whose lives have been so severely affected. Rather than accusing victims of this crisis of being too cheap to drill deep enough wells as PRAAGS members have done in the past, why not refrain from giant new plantings and resist the easy money from outside investors for the good of this “region we enjoy?”

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