Letter to the Editor

A very bad neighbor

Los OsosAugust 12, 2013 

A recent Viewpoint by a paid PG&E public relations employee espouses that company’s affinity for renewable energy, and uses investment in solar as an example. However, this is not the home rooftop solar that might save us from ourselves (especially when coupled with all-electric, zero-emission vehicles). This is solar that was placed like a huge wart on Carrizo Plain, a place of such beauty it was almost made into a World Heritage site.

I remind all that the solar project was placed not only on Carrizo, but in the most environmentally damaging place there, in close proximity to PG&E power lines, where the juice is now sucked in and sold back to us — our own solar power, usurped by PG&E and then sold back to us. This is not investment, it is theft.

Seismic testing and nuclear waste are the true affinities of PG&E, a very bad neighbor.

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