Letter to the Editor

Good jobs, not shopping

San Luis ObispoAugust 11, 2013 

Regarding the Dalidio property, I do not think we need another shopping opportunity or more unaffordable housing. If you want to develop the property into something this city and county can use, how about a business park with affordable housing. Maybe the businesses could help offset the cost of the houses for their workers, like Cal Poly did. The city and county, along with most companies, pay relocation costs for employees to come here. How about a slightly different approach?

This county needs good paying jobs that provide an opportunity for the people who already live here and young people to stay here after graduation to start and raise families.

Good wages bring in taxes from payroll and property, and yes, these people shop to help drive the local economy. There are only so many working people with enough income to shop, so more shopping is not the answer.

We do not need another drain on public services or our scarce water resources. I have been in California since 1964. If you want to see what more shopping in malls does, take a look at the downtowns of Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Fresno, Bakersfield and many other cities.

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