Letter to the Editor

Air traffic is disruptive

San Luis ObispoAugust 11, 2013 

I fully concur with Mr. Jeff Eidelman’s complaint about noisy choppers bombarding the city of late. Mercifully, however, this nuisance will be temporary. The much larger problem is daily private and some commercial air traffic over the city we are suffered to endure year-round.

Complaints haven’t helped over the years, and few seem to abide the polite notice at the point of takeoff that this is a “noise-sensitive area.” The airport is a public facility. As such, pilots would seem obliged to honor the notification and use the prescribed flight paths for landing/ takeoff. Think about it: How many outdoor events at the Dallidet Adobe or the Mission are rudely interrupted by overhead noise on a frequent basis?

Diesel trucks are usually prohibited from using their “jake brakes” within city limits. Why shouldn’t aircraft be requested to abide by the same rule for the same reason? They are loud and disruptive!

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