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Say no to ‘no-sayers’

We want to heartily congratulate the Cambria Community Services District directors for their courage in voting for the future at their meeting on July 25 to allow the district to release some intent-to-serve letters for water service in Cambria.

To bring common sense to this process in the face of loud noisy “no-sayers” is a credit to your interpretation of your responsibility. Keep up the good work and finalize it at your Aug. 22 meeting. Let the “no-sayers” understand that although they make a lot of noise, they do not represent the will of the majority of Cambrians.

Ron & Helga Crummitt


So many gave so much

I appreciate John FitzRandolf who gave us a marvelous trip down memory lane (“The tough Bronco boys hoops team,” July 25, online at We loved to see them play in 1999. The entire community was elated. The gym was full each game. It seemed a thousand Cambrians packed the final game in Morro Bay.

Would that all the guys had been mentioned, such as Owen Main, Andy Hollingsworth — the entire roster that made things possible. I regret I cannot remember them all.

Some of the players first encountered Coach Barry Silvers when he taught at Cayucos  Elementary. Drew Brause was a fifth-grader brought up to the sixth-grade team. The  Coast JV team 16-0 in 1997 and got to shave Coach Silvers head when they won the bet that they’d go undefeated.

Coach wanted the team tested by the best. They flew to Tuscon several summers, aided by the entire community through car washes, gifts, fundraisers at the Cambria Lodge. There was $5,000-plus raised per summer.

The teams were challenged by National Champ coaches and trainers. The Bronco players demonstrated the honing of their skills during the basketball season.

Credit the devoted parents and a great Cambrian community with heart and support. Cambrian athletes, sport fans and parents relived their own lives in the wave of victories that came in 1998 and 1999. The guys gave their all and the community benefited.

Thanks and kudos to the unsung supporters who gave so much. Let’s hope all these efforts and skills will come together again — but if not, we are fortunate to have experienced it together.

Shari Silvers


Lots of kitchen help

Thank you!

Our 13th annual Great Kitchens of Cambria fundraising tour was a terrific success with our heartfelt thanks to YOU! This year we raised over $14,000 in support of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.

The tour’s attendees enjoyed wonderful weather; eight great kitchens (thank you generous homeowners: Lynne & John Carter; Bruce Beery & Susan Belany; Kathleen and Greg Lawson; Carl Brandt; Kathryn Taylor & Al Curtice; Charlene & Don Stolo; Bruce & Lorna Mumper and Virginia Severa); our always-fabulous food; well-informed, helpful docents and, this year: two stops with wine and three with music! Our attendees were appreciative and complimentary and many plan to return once again!

Special thanks to our sponsors: Aaron Appel; A Matter of Taste; Among Friends; Betty Malone, Realtor; Pacific Hair Design; Robin’s Restaurant; San Simeon Travel; and SEE Results — and to our raffle donors: Among Friends; Susan & Bob Detweiller; Diva Day Spa; Fog’s End Bed & Breakfast; Foxlo Pottery (Amphora); Hearst Castle, Richard Lee; Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill; Moonstone Landing; The Sea Chest; Michael & Sally Thompson.
Thank you to the Cookie Crock, The Cambria Beer Company, Madeline’s Restaurant and Wine Shop and Stolo Winery.

Thanks also to those who helped with food prep: Jeanne Brodie, Gayle Jenkins, Lorienne Schwenk and Jennifer Star; to Jill Hillary for signage at each house; and to the 12 bundt cake bakers.

Our parking crew was indispensible: Ron Hillary, Ken Persinger and Richard Berry helped people park on the narrowest part of unpaved Pineridge Drive.

We couldn’t do this without the help of all the wonderful docents who volunteer: Doug & Rhea Wong, Karen Crisman, Thelma Peterson, June Albert, Dell Mathieson, Sue Rauch, Virginia Keller, Barbara Gilston, Margaret Randall, Verna Longwood, Lois Scott, Donna Hoppe, Doris Dyte, Maryann Grau, Penny Church, Anne Harris Smith, Val Eastman, Ann Pope, Barbara Beuche, Marsha Nathanson, Sue & Roger Robinson, Suzanne Armitage, Kathy Persinger, Jim & Roberta Major, Linda & Dennis Rightmer, Melanie Adler, Jennifer Star, Judy Butler, Ginger Wesner, Joy Lease, Carolyn Wieland, Joan Berry, Judie Hillen, Earline Null, Robin Wayne, Robin Workman, Hollie Stotter, Bambi Fields, Diane McCormick and Sharyn Kahn.

The Kitchen Tour Committee planned, coordinated and worked very hard to bring about this spectacular event and we especially need to thank Alese Bell, Becky Kincaid, Alex Ferguson, Joyce Renshaw, Sharon Heyne, Linda Finley, Verlinda Bailey, Loree Paral, Lorna Mumper and Marcelle Bakula.

We strongly rely on the generosity of all of the above to keep the tour’s reputation going, as well as the beautiful open space of our unique Ranch.

If we’ve missed anyone in this long list, please forgive us! We know those who attend love coming to our paradise in Cambria, and our Kitchen Tour is the icing on top of that cake!

As we look ahead, we’re hoping everyone will continue to support the Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve and our fund-raising efforts. Thank you again!

Jo Ellen Butler

Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

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