Letter to the Editor

Fewer nukes? Nuts!

Arroyo GrandeAugust 7, 2013 

Letter writer Willard Cole joins the ranks of the fatally naïve in suggesting that we “substantially reduce the number of our nuclear weapons to set an example” (Aug. 2).

Oh, if it were only that simple. Like many, Mr. Cole apparently operates under the fantasy that fewer weapons in our hands would induce others to voluntarily lessen or even forgo their desire to own nuclear weapons.

My life and the safety of the nation I love cannot be risked in the hope that rogue nations of the world would follow our example. What is it that Iran in the past 30 years and North Korea in the past 60 years have done that gives the slightest hint that they would play nice if we took the first step?

Led by brutal, deceitful and arguably insane leaders during this period, I am unconvinced that countries like these can be trusted on anything, let alone reducing their weapons just because we did.

The United States should always retain the most powerful military in the world, including overwhelming nuclear superiority. This represents the most powerful deterrent to those who wish us harm.

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