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Who’s in charge?

Pismo BeachAugust 6, 2013 

In a view from the hill adjacent to Laguna Lake Park, Ernie Dalidio’s property reaches from the edge of the SLO Promenade to Highway 101.

LAURA DICKINSON — ldickinson@thetribunenews.com

Two recent announcements were made about the Dalidio Ranch property. 

One was that the shopping center was going to be like Fig Garden Village in Fresno.

By the time the Downtown Association could look into this information, there was a second announcement.

The new announcement was that the plans for a shopping center now include big box stores that would mimic what San Luis Obispo already has. This is no coincidence. Now let me shine some light on this issue.

Downtown political powers believe that this type of shopping center, known as a lifestyle center, will steal business away from downtown. Yet, Marsh Street Commons has no plans for national retailers. Apple and Flip Flop Shops have been the only new retailers to open in five years. The Sports Authority building remains vacant.

The reason retailers don’t open in downtown is because it’s too expensive to build and rent in urban areas. We also know that Macy’s has plans to close many downtown department stores this year! If the downtown powers believe they can get national retail stores and Macy’s, then let’s see it.

“It’s our town, not downtown.” That should be the new mantra for San Luis Obispo.

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